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Advanced video analytics responds to whether a vehicle has been stopped in a tunnel, for example, or if there is an available parking space in the parking garage. These are just some of the technologies we offer in video surveillance.

Police and Armed Forces

It requires specialized knowledge to provide solutions to the police, the criminal defense service and the defense. We always keep abreast of the latest technologies and opportunities.

Offshore / Marine

CCTV Nordic offers Explosion Proof Cameras for Offshore, Refineries and Fuel Depots – and stainless steel solutions for marine applications.


With a modern solution, a surveillance camera can be transformed into a visual marketing, audit and business intelligence tool.

Industry / Logistics

Optimizing the workflow with camera intelligence will often bring great value and is one of our focus areas. Another focus area is providing camera systems for monitoring industrial processes.

Financial Sector

Securing people, data, and assets is critical to the success of any financial institution. We focus on camera solutions to manage flow of people, protect data and privacy and secure the facility.

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