Panasonic WV-S2552L

Panasonic 5MP H.265 Vandal Resistant Dome Camera, 5-megapixel images up to 30 fps, iA (intelligent Auto), Super Dynamic 120dB, Color night vision (0.0044 to 0.07 lx), H.265 Smart Coding

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Varenummer (SKU): WV-S2552L


5MP Vandal Resistant Outdoor Dome Network Camera

Designed to equip security professionals with the best possible CCTV footage for evidence, the WV-S2552L captures
high-quality 5MP images even in very challenging, and dynamic environments that require reliable hardware.
To adjust key camera settings automatically in real time, improved intelligent auto (iA) monitors scene dynamics and motion,
and captures clear images while reducing distortion such as motion blur on moving objects.
In order to save bandwidth at 50%* lower than existing cameras and maintain image quality, the improved Smart Coding
technology optimizes video compression through captured scene. *Compared to Smart Coding OFF with H.265

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