• Vape Detection
  • Chemical Detection
  • Sound Frequency Monitoring
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Room Occupancy
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The HALO-V2-00 from Ganz is a HALO IoT smart sensor. Initially intended for schools to combat the vaping and school shooting epidemics, HALO IoT Smart Sensor has now expanded across industries. HALO detects environmental changes that occur in privacy concern areas. As a device on the network, it will send alerts to security personnel.

HALO detects environmental changes that occur in these privacy concern areas and as a device on the network, it sends email, text and security platform alerts to designated security personnel. HALO can detect flammables, hazardous chemicals, air quality changes such as vaping and smoking and changes in temperature and humidity. HALO can also detect noise level fluctuations and can send alerts when unusual activity occurs such as a gunshot or aggressive behavior like fighting.

With its key word detection, a daughter in her dorm room, a hotel housekeeper, a patient in duress, a student in a hazing incident or an elderly parent living by themselves can alert security to an attack or emergency in real time. HALO’s Air Quality lndex(AQI) will alert when air quality levels fall in the danger zone for spreading disease, reducing the spread of virus particulates and regularly monitoring to align with industry and government standards.

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