Nordic 1200 Series – Server for VideoInsight

The 1200 series is our large level series for installations with up to approx. 128 cameras* and live viewing of up to 4 cameras** without using a dedicated client machine.

Live viewing recommended on a dedicated monitor station CN100 / CN200


640 Mbit/s / 128 cameras*


Up to 64 TB

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The Nordic VMS server is pre-configured, activated and tested with the full Video Insight Software Suite. The “plug and play” server is immediately ready out of the box for a quick start in order to record and manage your cameras.

  • Easy installation
  • VI software activated – Express version
  • Fully tested and configured

* Camera counts – 1080p videostream, 3-5 Mbit/s bandwidth
** Live view/Playback  – without performance loss using secondary stream
*** Storage calculation – 30 fps, 50% motion, without RAID

Storage calculator :

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