i-PRO WV-S71300-F3

2MP(1080p) Indoor mini Box Network Camera with AI Engine

A stylish compact AI network camera that is blending seamlessly into any surrounding and providing insights beyond security.

  • 2MP (1080p)
  • Intelligent Auto (with AI Engine)
  • Smart Coding (with AI Engine)
  • Direction change detection
  • Compact body
  • NDAA Compliant
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i-PRO mini is compact camera that is blending seamlessly into any surrounding where you don’t want the security cameras to be stand out. Equipped with an AI processor inside the camera to provide insights to solve a variety of problems. Extendable to marketing functions* with third party AI apps.
You can easily connect to the camera with a smartphone to check the image and setting and receive notification automatically in case installed camera angle is changed so that troubles can be solved early.
*Specific functions such as detection of inventory status on product shelves and determination of customer segments are currently under development.

Harmonizing with the space

  • The industry‘s smallest class* camera that is blending seamlessly into any surrounding and does not stand out like general security camera.
    *According to our own research in January 2022

AI analytics and Marketing functions

  • Equipped with an AI processor, it enables AI processing on the edge side to quickly process large amounts of data.
    It can run up to three AI applications at the same time, solving a variety of problems from security to marketing*.
    *People counting, face detection, People attribute search.

Easy Installation, Easy Maintenance

  • Images can be checked with a smartphone at the time of installation*. In addition, the camera remembers the angle of view at which it was first installed and can be easily restored while checking the LEDs. Excellent convenience with detection and email notification when the camera direction changes. *Sold separately Wi-Fi USB adapter is required.

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