i-PRO WV-S4556L

  • Edge AI 360-degree fisheye camera that provides video surveillance without any blind spots and business intelligence.

    5MP Sensor Outdoor 360 Fisheye Network Camera with AI engine

    • 2192×2192 pixel fisheye images up to 30fps
    • Intelligent Auto (with AI Engine)
    • Super Dynamic 120dB
    • Smart Coding (with AI Engine)
    • IP66, IK10, 50J compliant, Anti-Condensation System
    • Built-in IR LED
    • Fiber Optic Media Converter Unit (Optional WV-S25F1)
    • NDAA Compliant
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– The AI processor equipped with a camera realizes motion detection of people / vehicles, number counting, and congestion detection. It also supports third-party AI applications and can meet a variety of AI demands. The data aggregated inside the camera can be visualized on the dashboard in cooperation with our system, and can be used for marketing and business intelligence.

– Equipped with industry standard protocols such as ONVIF, it can be linked with third-party display software as an IoT terminal for sensor networks. Furthermore, it is possible to integrate and utilize it in another system customized according to the customer’s operation.

– Equipped with a high-performance fisheye lens that has been well-established in the market, one camera can clearly shoot 360 ° in all directions up to the periphery of the screen.

– Our original smart coding compatible with H.264 and H.265 delivers high-resolution video at high image quality and low bit rate.
Achieved useful images by combining with highly visible images by the intelligent auto (iA) function.

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