Panasonic WV-Q182

Panasonic Pole mount – Outdoor Dome & Fisheye Pole Mount (grey) for WV-S2570L/2550L/S2531LN/S2531LTN, WV-X4571L, WV-S4550L, WV-SFV481, WV-SW458 in combination with WV-Q186 and WV-Q185 Multi Sensor Pole Mount (grey) for WV-X8570N, WV-S8530N in combination with WV-Q186 and WV-Q185

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WV-Q182/WV-Q188 (hereinafter, bracket) is designed to be used to install a camera or mount bracket for camera to a vertical round pole with diameter from 80 mm to 200 mm.
• WV-Q182 is different with WV-Q188 in color, and same in structure. This manual takes WV-Q188 as an example for explanation.

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