Panasonic WV-S1132 (EOL – new model WV-S1136)

Panasonic Super Dynamic Full HD H.265 Box Camera (RS485 compliant), Full HD 1080p 60fps , iA (intelligent Auto), Extreme Super Dynamic 144dB, Color night vision (0.0007 to 0.01 lx), H.265 Smart Coding, FIPS 140-2 Level 1 compliant, RS485 compliant (for controlling external devices)

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iA (intelligent Auto) H.265 Network Camera

Panasonic WV-S1132 captures the highest quality images automatically even in very challenging and fast-changing surveillance environments. Intelligent Auto (iA) allows the camera to automatically adjust the key settings in real-time depending on the scenery and movement, reducing distortion such as motion blur and moving objects. New industry-leading 144dB dynamic range delivers balanced scene exposure in dynamic and extreme-backlit lighting environments. In addition, color night vision provides outstanding low-light performance with accurate color rendition and saturation from i-Pro’s 1/3″ sensor, rivaling the performance of costlier 1/2″ sensor cameras in the market. The adopted H.265 Smart Coding technology, intelligently reduces bandwidth efficiency of up to 95%* more than H.264 for longer recording and less storage. Cameras out-of-the-box, use an encryption module standardized by FIPS Publication 140-2 for secure video streaming.

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