Panasonic WV-S2550L

5-megapixel iA H.265 Network Camera

• 5-megapixel images up to 30 fps
• iA (intelligent Auto)
• Super Dynamic 120dB
• Color night vision (0.0044 to 0.07 lx)
• H.265 Smart Coding

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5-megapixel iA H.265 Network Camera

Panasonic WV-S2550L captures the highest quality images in even very challenging and dynamic environments.
Intelligent Auto (iA) monitors scene dynamics and motion to adjust key camera settings automatically in real-time reducing
distortion such as motion blur on moving objects. Adopting H.265 Smart Coding technology, bandwidth efficiency is intelligently
increased for longer recording and less storage. Cameras out-of-the-box, use an encryption module standardized by FIPS
Publication 140-2 for secure video streaming.

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