Panasonic WV-S8530N

Panasonic 4 x FHD(8MP) iA H.265 Multi-Sensor Camera, 4 x Full HD(8MP) 1600×1200 / 1920×1080 30fps, Wide range tilt angle adjustment mechanism, Four repositionable lenses enables to monitoring at minimize blind spots, Usability – Easy setting

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4 x FHD(8MP) iA H.265 Multi-Sensor Camera

Panasonic WV-S8530N captures the highest quality images in even very challenging and dynamic environments.
In particular, the camera can capture clear vehicle image in color even at night intersections of low light intensity.
And the four repositionable lenses minimize blind spots and flexibly correspond to intersections of various shapes and monitoring areas of cities.
Intelligent Auto (iA) monitors scene dynamics and motion to adjust key camera settings automatically in real-time reducing distortion such as motion blur on moving objects. Adopting H.265 Smart Coding technology, bandwidth efficiency is intelligently increased for longer recording and less storage. Cameras out-of-the-box, use an encryption module standardized by FIPS Publication 140-2 for secure video streaming.

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