Videotec ULISSE2 PTZ housing

ULISSE2 PTZ unit for IP thermal cameras, 230Vac, germanium front window Ø66mm

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The robust PTZ ULISSE units guarantee maximum surveillance coverage in every outdoor environment, even the most difficult, without maintenance interventions. The PTZ ULISSE combine high speed with utmost tracking accuracy, both in manual and patrol operation.
ULISSE2 is a Full-IP PTZ unit with exceptional operating performance, capable of managing all third party IP ONVIF-S cameras, through direct access via browser with a single IP address to the installed camera interface, for configuration and diagnostics. ULISSE2, thanks to ONVIF-S protocol and with the most diffused VMS, can control online all the camera functions and positioning, wiper, washer pump, preset, illuminators and set-up. ULISSE2 is compatible with 4K cameras.

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