Videotec Maximus MHXT EX-proof cameras

MMX in AISI 316L, 24Vdc/Vac – POE+, FullHD Day/Night camera, zoom 3x, no cable, sunshield, wall/ceiling/parapet bracket.

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The MAXIMUS MHX range of explosion-proof housings have been designed to meet the strictest
standards required for installation in hazardous environments where gases and flammable dusts
may be present (Zone 1 and 2, Group IIC for gas and Ex tb Zone 21 and 22 for dust). Made entirely of electro-polished AISI 316L stainless steel, these housings allow the camera inside to work perfectly in harsh environments, such as refineries, pipelines, tankers, off-shore rigs and industrial processes.
Equipped with heating, the MHX housing has a corresponding installation and working temperature range of -40 °C to +60 °C. The MHX model with a wiper is equipped with an in-built telemetry receiver that allows data to be received, via the serial RS-485 interface, so that the wiper and washer pump can be operated remotely, and external illuminators may be lit. Wiring the device is made easier thanks to removable connectors on the connection circuit. The MHXT model features a window made of germanium, a material that provides perfectly clear vision for thermal cameras.

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