Videotec Stainless Steel Cameras NXM36

Stainless steel housing

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The NX series housing was designed to guarantee perfect and constant functionality of the cameras in more extreme and corrosive environmental conditions, such as marine, industrial environments and motorways. These housings offer reliability and strength thanks to the maximum precision used in the manufacturing processes and the quality of the stainless steel AISI 316L, completely resistant to rust and corrosion.
The line includes different models to meet every application need: liquid cooled housings and with glass resistant to very high temperatures or for thermal video, housings suitable for immersion in water, with air barriers for cleaning or cooling of the front glass and housings for Hi-PoE cameras with power supply via Ethernet cable.
These housings can be used in motorway tunnels and in areas with high atmospheric pollution, in
submarine monitoring systems, in control of industrial processes, in blast furnaces and foundries.
The NXM36 product is Lloyd’s Register Type Approval System Test Specification Number 1 certified and therefore can be used in Marine and Offshore applications for environmental categories ENV1, ENV2, ENV3 and ENV5.

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