Panasonic WV-SUD638B Anti-Severe Weather PTZ Network Camera

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Panasonic WV-SUD638B Anti-Severe Weather PTZ Network Camera

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Anti-severe weather PTZ network camera. Temperature -50 ºC to +55 ºC. Full HD (1080p) 60 fps, x30 zoom lens. Built-in wiper and defroster. Wind load durability 60m/s (operation) 80m/s (non-destructive). Video SAS (Stability Augment System) for high-class image stabilization. IP67, IP66, IK10 certified . Optional IR LED light (up to 150 m, zoom interlocking). Glass fiber light weight body for quick and easy installation. Anti-salt air corrosion protection ideal for seaside operations. SD-Card embedded. Natural Silver.
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Extreme performance under extreme conditions

Highly ruggedised tough PTZ network camera with a sleek body design

The Aero PTZ (WV-SUD638B) is a new, environmentally ruggedised camera built to deliver high quality Full HD surveillance images in extreme environmental conditions. The Aero PTZ is ideal for a variety of applications, including ports, transit, airports, city surveillance, highways or infact any areas or locations which are prone to severe natural weather conditions or other factors that might have severe impact on the operation and reliability of a typical video surveillance camera.

Full HD Resolution with 360 Degree Viewing

Maintaining stable high quality camera images against the worst our external environment can throw at us just got a whole lot easier. The Aero PTZ delivers Full HD resolution of 1080p at 60 fps with a 30X optical zoom lens even in high wind gusts of up to 216 KMPH of wind. This is due to the unique and characteristic aerodynamic design. Moreover, our unique hybrid image stabilisation system intergrates both image stabilsation and gyro sensors that compensates using the Aero PTZ’s pan tilt motors. This sophisticated feature resolves the difficulties of zooming into detail in high wind and using a pole or exposed bracket mounted PTZ camera.

The Aero PTZ’s 360-degree Sphere Vision 3D viewing provides 360 degree continuous panning and +/- 90-degree tilt range and its’ Super Dynamic Light Range Compensation ensures a wider dynamic range compared to conventional cameras.

The B model comes with SD Card embedded.

Extreme features whatever the weather: Wind and Salt Air Resistance

The camera’s high strength and sleek fiber glass body offers salt and air corrosion protection, making the Aero PTZ highly durable in even the toughest weather conditions from salty wind gusts, to harsh sunshine, to the severe artic cold – without any additional resistant painting required. The camera’s unique intelligent radius bodyline minimizes wind drag for more stability and prevents snow and dirt accumulation. The Aero PTZ is also fully water and dust proof conforming to IP67, NEMA-4X compliant and IK10 environmental specifications and operates in the hottest and coldest conditions from-50 ºC to +55 ºC (-58 °F to +131 °F). In addition, the glass fiber body delivers excellent strength, low weight, and anti-erosion. Another benefit of the camera’s high-end plastic casing is its extreme light weight which results in a reduction of installation labour costs, especially at high places.

The built-in wiper keeps good visibility under rain, snow and muddy conditions whereas the defroster melts snow or ice on the front glass under -50℃ low temperature. Due to the strong wind durability (operation: 216km/h – non-destructive: 288km/h) the camera is able to perfom in Pan/Tilt operation under strong hurricane winds or heavy rain. This makes the Aero PTZ suitable for installation nearby high speed express train applications and in general a perfectly reliable ruggedised network camera with extreme features – whatever the weather.

An optional LED (492 feet/150m) unit can be attached without changing the entire camera design form in order to provide the best lighting from wide-range to zoom-in position.

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