To good to be free-of-charge

In order for us to offer the best solutions, we work with suppliers that, operate to the same standards that we do.

For this reason we are proud to be distributor of VideoInsight in the Nordics.

i-PRO / Panasonic Video Insight is a robust enterprise-class surveillance system built with the principles of efficiency and simplicity of operation in mind. With a strong commitment to the security industry, Video Insight brings together powerful surveillance technology, advanced features, unmatched flexibility, easy-to-use interface and a low total cost of ownership all in one single bundled system.

Video Insight is the latest in surveillance technology integrating powerful enterprise VMS features, hardware optimisation and cost efficiency in one robust system. Harnessing the capabilities of pure 64-bit VMS, Video Insight optimises your hardware to allow endless scalability, unlimited client workstations, simple integration with legacy systems, centralised administration, standby server and more.
With current deployment in law enforcement, commercial, education, healthcare and transportation industries, Video Insight continues to provide you optimal solutions to meet your security demands.

i-PRO / Panasonic Video Insight meets your demand for an advanced Video Management System with a powerful complete configuration of enterprise-level reliability, unlimited scalability, hardware optimisation and cost-efficiency as an easy-to-use surveillance solution. Advanced surveillance features eliminate uncertainty and improves response times. Every feature provides direct user benefits to your surveillance operations.

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